• The Luxdecor Enamel is a universal water-borne acrylic enamel designed for decorative painting of wood, wood-like products, gypsum and concrete, both indoor and outdoor. It is excellent for trims, wainscots, furniture, doors and windows. It can also be applied on metal surfaces primed with anti-corrosive paint. The enamel has a good hiding power and perfectly adheres to the substrate. The produced coat is resistant to water and atmospheric conditions, while the colour does not fade in UV radiation.
  • Facade paint with high covering power and resistance to weather conditions. It creates matt and durable coatings which allow the walls to breathe. It is intended for use on cement plaster, cement-lime plaster and other mineral substrates outdoors.
  • A latex paint for decorative painting of indoor walls and ceilings. It is perfect for high-damp rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, canteens, washing rooms, basement, and swimming pools) and rooms where dirt can accumulate due to daily use (oil, coffee, detergents). The paint forms a coating that is resistant to scrubbing and provides a mat finish. It ensures excellent covering. Available in white colour and a range of pastel colours.
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