Kitchen & Bathroom

A latex paint for decorative painting of indoor walls and ceilings. It is perfect for high-damp rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, canteens, washing rooms, basement, and swimming pools) and rooms where dirt can accumulate due to daily use (oil, coffee, detergents). The paint forms a coating that is resistant to scrubbing and provides a mat finish. It ensures excellent covering. Available in white colour and a range of pastel colours.



Surface treatment: The surface to be painted should be stable, clean, dry, and uniform. Fresh plaster coatings can be painted after a four-week seasoning. Remove non-adhering (peeling) paint coatings. Old coatings of size colours should be removed and the surface should cleaned with water. Clean well-adhered emulsion paint coatings with water with a detergent. Fill up cavities with putty, rub down, and remove dust. Remove existing fungi using Anty-grzyb2 2 [Anti-fungi 2 Agent]. In order to reinforce the surface and in the case of absorptive surfaces, grounding with a primer or the Luxdecor primer paint is recommended.

Painting: : Painting works should be carried out at a surface and ambient temperature above +6°C. For painting larger surfaces, use products from the same production batch.
Stir up the paint carefully just before painting. The paint is ready for use. Diluting not recommended (if required, dilute the paint with up to 5% of water when applying the first paint coating). Apply with a brush or roller (with short hair), two coatings at intervals of 1-2 hours. Apply the paint on the roller generously and distribute on the surface carefully and evenly. It is important not to paint with a half-soaked roller. Do not stop painting when started. Do not make any correction when the surface is semi-dried. Join subsequent painted sections “wet on wet”. Finish painting of every section of the painted surface by moving the roller in the same direction. Vent the room after paining until the odour has gone.
Start painting with places that are difficult to access and corners using a brush or a small, thin roller.
For intense colours, it is recommended not to make any correction once the paint is dry; painting the entire surface is recommended.
Paint the ceiling from the window-side and keep moving towards the centre of the room in the direction of sunlight.

The paint coating obtains its full strength properties (resistance to washing and scrubbing) after 28 days once the painting job is finished. If there are any smudges of dirt, remove them immediately using a soft sponge with water and a small amount of dishwashing agent.

Storage: Store in tight original container within a temperature range 5-30°C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Expiry date stated on the package.

Additional information


up to 12m²/l


2,5 L

Dry to touch

2 – 4 h

Application of another layer

1 – 2 h

Proper drying

24 h

Number of layers



excellent coverage, resistant to moisture, scrubbable

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