Luxdecor acrylic enamel

The Luxdecor Enamel is a universal water-borne acrylic enamel designed for decorative painting of wood, wood-like products, gypsum and concrete, both indoor and outdoor. It is excellent for trims, wainscots, furniture, doors and windows. It can also be applied on metal surfaces primed with anti-corrosive paint. The enamel has a good hiding power and perfectly adheres to the substrate. The produced coat is resistant to water and atmospheric conditions, while the colour does not fade in UV radiation.



Preparations: Stir the paint well before use, dilute with water if necessary (up to 5% of water). NOTE! Excessive dilution will reduce the enamel’s properties. If painting larger areas, use the paint from the same production batch to maintain uniform colour. The enclosed colour template is for indicative use only, because of the printing technique, and it shall not be any grounds for complaints.

Substrate preparation: The surface selected for painting shall be clean, stable and dry. Remove old paint layers. Grind/sand down the substrate thoroughly and then degrease it and leave to dry before painting. Metal surfaces shall be primed with an anti-corrosive base coat.

Application: The Luxdecor acrylic enamel can be applied with a soft brush, a velour roller or a flock roller. Note: use tools for acrylic products only. Apply in two layers at a four hour interval. Wash your hands and tools immediately when finished.

Składowanie: Storage (two years from the date of manufacture in the original, sealed container at +5o—30°C.)

Note: Protect from frost.

Expiry date stated on the package.

Additional information


up to 14 m²/l depends on the type and finish of the substrate, as well as on the tools used


0,4 L, 0,75 L

Dry to touch

after 4 h

Application of another layer

after 4 h

Proper drying

24 h

Number of layers

1 – 2

Tool cleaning

warm water


ecological, for painting for wood, metal, furniture, long lasting colour, streak-free

Color card

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