• An environment friendly, thinner-free, non-inflammable and odour-free agent for wood decoration. The product contains natural waxes of the highest quality repelling water to improve additionally wood durability and strength. The product comes in many colours imitating natural wood colours. The colour is indicated on the label or can lid. The impregnating agent leaves a partially visible wood grain structure. If more or thicker coatings are applied, the wood grain structure disappears. The product creates a matt coating. The final colour depends on many factors, such as the quality and species of wood, the type of surface treatment and the number of applied coatings of the agent. Make a colour test prior to application of the decoration on the main surface. Individual product batches may slightly differ in the shade of colour. It is recommended to use products from the same production batch for the entire project.
  • LuxDecor garden is an effective impregnating agent for wood preservation and decoration. The product contains natural waxes that repel water, improving wood durability and strength. Due to gel-like consistency, it is perfect for vertical surfaces. No dripping. Easy distribution. Where to apply? LuxDecor garden is intended for painting garden wood located outdoors: fences, pergolas, gazebos, palisades, picket fences, tool houses, playgrounds, swings, and other garden features. It is particularly recommended for painting unsanded wood.
  • Luxdecor Njord is an impregnating agent featuring extreme resistance, designed for coating outdoor wooden surfaces, e.g. Façade systems, canopies, gazebos and fences. The agent is used on vertical surfaces and cannot be applied as the finishing coating of the floor, parquet, terracing, roofs (shingles). Njord creates a very durable and aesthetic coating that is resistant to weather, mould and moisture. The product is hydrophobic. It provides a satin coating that highlights the grain pattern of wood.
  • The LuxDecor NJORD Separating Primer is a clear, water-soluble product for protecting wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors. Especially recommended for elements made of oak, ash and exotic wood before applying white topcoats. The product is ready and easy to use, safe both for the user and for the environment. The colour of the protected material will not be affected. When applied on wood, it stops tannins from migrating, which effectively prevents yellowing and darkening of the surface to be painted. After drying, the product facilitates the adhesion of subsequent coats, and thus the application of topcoats. Suitable for use before the application of enamels, varnishes, stain varnishes and acrylic wood stains. For wooden facades, fences, gazebos, pergolas, garden furniture and other elements of wooden architecture. Particularly recommended for the LuxDecor Njord impregnating agent.
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