Luxdecor Njord

Luxdecor Njord is an impregnating agent featuring extreme resistance, designed for coating outdoor wooden surfaces, e.g. Façade systems, canopies, gazebos and fences. The agent is used on vertical surfaces and cannot be applied as the finishing coating of the floor, parquet, terracing, roofs (shingles). Njord creates a very durable and aesthetic coating that is resistant to weather, mould and moisture. The product is hydrophobic. It provides a satin coating that highlights the grain pattern of wood.


Surface preparation: Wood should be sound and dry (max. Moisture content 15%). The surface should be clean, degreased and sanded. Patch spalling with an appropriate filler product. For non-impregnated wood, pre-impregnate the wood with colourless biocidal agent.
Separation primer is required for:
– soft wood with a considerable quantity of resin, just after the excessive resin is scraped off and degreased with extraction naphtha;
– bright colours applied on hardwood (oak, ash) to avoid coating discolouration.

Instructions for use: Paint at the ambient and surface temperature of 10 oC to 30 oC. Mix the product thoroughly before use. Apply with a thin layer along the grain pattern. After 10-15 minutes, gently wipe the surface with a dry brush to distribute pigments. Avoid damp patches. Double coating is recommended. For bright colours, a third coating may be required. Application of another layer will intensify lustre and decrease transparency. The final colour of the painted surface depends particularly on the species and quality of wood, its absorptiveness as well as number and thickness of the applied coatings.

Tips: To obtain a better decorating effect, it is recommended to sand the surface between subsequent layers with fine-grained paper. It is important to remove the resulting dust.
For hardwood (e.g. oak, chestnut), the product must be diluted with 10% of water for the first coating. Re-apply undiluted. The product is not recommended for painting exotic wood.
To avoid differences in colour shades, it is recommended to paint the entire surface using a product from the same production batch or mix several containers from different batches.

Storage: Store the product within a temperature range of 5 °C to 30 °C, in dry area and in the original, tight container. Protect from direct sunlight. For the shelf life, see the container. Keep out of the reach of children.

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