LuxDecor Njord Separating Primer

The LuxDecor NJORD Separating Primer is a clear, water-soluble product for protecting wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors. Especially recommended for elements made of oak, ash and exotic wood before applying white topcoats. The product is ready and easy to use, safe both for the user and for the environment. The colour of the protected material will not be affected. When applied on wood, it stops tannins from migrating, which effectively prevents yellowing and darkening of the surface to be painted. After drying, the product facilitates the adhesion of subsequent coats, and thus the application of topcoats. Suitable for use before the application of enamels, varnishes, stain varnishes and acrylic wood stains. For wooden facades, fences, gazebos, pergolas, garden furniture and other elements of wooden architecture. Particularly recommended for the LuxDecor Njord impregnating agent.


Surface preparation: The surface to be painted should be clean, stable, dry, uniform, free of dust and dirt. The wood moisture content should be approx. 15%. The (indoor and outdoor) surfaces exposed to insects, fungi and mould must be protected using a biocide agent.

Application: Product ready for use. Do not dilute. Mix well before use. Application temperature: min. 10 °C. Apply 1-2 coats with a brush or roller on the prepared wood. Reapply after approx. 1 h. Apply the topcoat before the wood is exposed to weather conditions.

Safety of use: During and after your painting job, ventilate the room until the odour is gone. Keep out of the reach of children. For detailed information, see the product data sheet.

Additional information


up to 10 m²/l


0,75 L, 2,5 L

Application of another layer

after 1 h

Proper drying

24 h

Number of layers

1 – 2

Tool cleaning

warm water with detergent


facilitates the application of topcoat impregnating agents, improves adhesion, prevents yellowing and darkening of wood, recommended for hardwood and exotic wood, reduces absorption, stops tannins from migrating

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