• LuxDecor Wood Stain is a superior quality waterborne stain with the addition of an acrylic dispersion. It is intended for the decorative colouring of wood. The product can be used on its own or as a basecoat for varnishes.
  • The best quality in decorative and protective stain varnishes for wood, and is intended for indoor and outdoor applications. The stain varnish gives a durable colour that is resistant to water and UV radiation. The coated surface develops a gloss which subtly highlights the natural beauty of wood. Contains additives which prevent seizure and bonding (e.g. of windows in winter). Environmentally friendly and water-borne: free of aggressive chemicals and solvents. The stain varnish meets the requirements of PN-EN 71, Safety of Toys.
  • This lasure wood stain is a top quality product for decoration and comprehensive protection of wood. The product protects the surface from UV and weather conditions. The obtained coating is resistant to mould growth. The lasure stain provides the wood with a colour and gloss, and as such it highlights the wood texture and grain pattern. The product is available in a wide range of natural colours. The product is quick-drying – another coating can be applied as soon as after one hour. The product is used for gazebos, fences, weatherboards, doors, garden furniture, wooden panelling and wooden soffit.
  • A water-soluble acrylic varnish product for wood for indoor use. It is characterised by easy application, good adhesion and fluidity. The product creates a durable coating of high scratch hardness and mechanical damage resistance. As no solvents are used, the product is recommended for both households and public access facilities. Depending on your chosen effect, the product can provide a gloss or soft satin finish of the coating. The product is used for furniture, wall panelling, door and window frames and other objects made of wood or used indoors. It is also recommended for surfaces already painted with wood stains (e.g. Luxdecor) Do not use the product for floor painting.
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