Luxdecor Wood Stain

LuxDecor Wood Stain is a superior quality waterborne stain with the addition of an acrylic dispersion. It is intended for the decorative colouring of wood. The product can be used on its own or as a basecoat for varnishes.


Application: This water-based wood stain is used for the decorative dyeing of indoor wood and wood-based products. It is perfect for furniture, windows, doors, wood panelling, and other wooden elements. The stain creates a fast colour on the surface and highlights the wood ring pattern as well. This is an environmentally-friendly product and contains no solvents.
The colour obtained depends on factors such as wood species and wood moisture. Therefore, always make a spot test first.

Instruction for use: The surface to be stained must be smooth, clean, and dry. Before use, stir the product well. Paint using a soft brush, cotton cloth or sponge. Distribute the stain evenly in the direction of wood fibres and avoid damp patches. In order to deepen the colour, apply another coating. Allow to dry completely.
The surface can be protected using an acrylic lacquer.

Expiry date stated on the package.

Additional information


up to 16m²/l (one layer, on a smoothed surface) depends on the type of wood, its absorbent properties and used tools


0,2 L, 0,75 L

Dry to touch

30 minutes

Application of another layer

after 1 h

Proper drying

6 h (depends on surface properties, temperature and air humidity)

Number of layers

1 – 2


environmentally friendly, for interior and exterior (provided that protective varnish is used), highlights the natural beauty of wood, long lasting colour, odour-free

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