//Building Putty

Building Putty

The putty is intended to fill out joints, scratches, cracks, dents and other unevenness of plaster work, drywalls, wood and wood-like surfaces. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The putty gives a flexible, easily workable coat and a good substrate for paint and varnish coats.



Application: Filling joints, cracks and others cavities on the surface of plasters, plasterboards, wood and wood based materials. For indoor and outdoor use. The coating is flexible, polishing and is a good base for paints and varnishes.

Instruction to use:  Before filling, dry and clean the surface, mix the putty. Then, using the spatula apply a thin layer of putty and distribute evenly to obtain a smooth surface. To obtain the layer above 2mm apply several layers, after the previous layer dries.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Protect from frost. Store in a temperature between 5 – 35 0C, in tightly closed, original container.

Expiry date stated on the package.

Additional information


0,25 kg

Proper drying

1 h


easy to use, ecological, economical

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